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WildSide with Nick Mollé Trailer
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WildSide Teaser Trailer

About WildSide

WildSide is a series designed for PBS exploring National Parks and Protected Places from the United States to far off regions of the world examining the science, the economics, and the emotions of preservation. The name represents not just the wild environments of our planet, but that place in all of us that longs to follow our inner free spirit – our wild side. 

Nick Mollé shares his love of storytelling and passion for biology to investigate and prove the statement “If we show people the most beautiful places in the world, they will want to protect them.” With a hefty dose of science and a touch of humor, Nick engages the help of local experts in each location. Exploring on foot, land vehicles, airplanes and boats brings the viewer along with a sense of awe and inspiration reinforcing the relevance of a natural environment. 

Motion Picture Industry distribution manager John Wade says;

”Nick Mollé films are vastly superior!...

it’s difficult to find better outdoor films on television today.”

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WildSide Australia:Australia's Northern Territory Teaser Trailer