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About the Producers

Nick Mollé and John Goerner are filmmakers with combined experience of over 60 years. Together and individually they have filmed in over a dozen countries and every state in the Union. John and Nick have produced numerous wildlife & nature films and partnered on award winning films featuring Rocky Mountain National Park, Costa Rica and Alaska including the Emmy nominated film, The Living Dream: One Hundred Years of Rocky Mountain National Park.


Over the past ten years, Nick and John’s joint projects have garnered more than 7,300 hours of exhibition in over 90 percent of PBS markets across the country.  The name Nick Mollé is well known among PBS programmers. The series they produced, A Walk in the Park with Nick Mollé and related documentaries, have been in circulation for over 10 years. In 2011, Robert Duvall endorsed Solar Car: The Secrets of Ra7 with a narrated introduction on this award-winning PBS special.  

Nick Mollé, Co-Producer, Co-Director, Writer 

Emmy-nominated filmmaker Nick Molle´ has a passion to share the beautiful

places on Earth with the hope that it will inspire in others a desire to protect

and preserve them. His dream is that his writing and filmmaking will help

contribute to the conservation of our planet. 

He has hiked, documented and filmed Rocky Mountain National Park for

over 25 years. When not exploring, or communing with the critters in the

Rockies, he follows his passion for presenting inspirational destinations

worldwide, which have included Costa Rica, Alaska, and Australia. 

Now, with WildSide, in collaboration with his close friend and fellow environmental filmmaker John Goerner they face the consequences of a changing climate simultaneous with an increased public craving for natural environments. WildSide presents a timely message of belief that the educated visitor will be the salvation of our national parks and protected places. 

“We who so need our urban creations also long for stepping into a forest to take a breath and stare into a landscape which we had no part in creating.” ~ Nick Mollé: The Living Dream: 100 Years of Rocky Mountain National Park

“When we look into the wilderness and see the heart of a scientist beating in this place of wonder and see the soul of an artist breathing the beauty, we can see ourselves, where we fit in.” ~ Nick Mollé: Nature of the Beasts 


John Goerner, Co-Producer, Co-Director, Cinematographer 

Growing up in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, John always considered the

family cabin his backyard where he developed a passion for nature and

wildlife. In 1988, he founded Non-Stop Productions and has been a

successful Independent Producer/Director working in documentary,

corporate, non-profit and other areas ever since. 

John has been working in the film and video industry for over 37 years.

With a degree in journalism he brings healthy skepticism and a desire for

truth to every story. At one point or another he has worn nearly every

hat possible in production, but he currently specializes in Director/DP

and post-production. 

John and his close friend and collaborator Nick Mollé have provided documentary, wildlife and nature programming to PBS stations since 2008 including Emmy nominated historical documentary “The Living Dream: 100 Years of Rocky Mountain National Park”.

John has worked and filmed throughout the United States, in Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Australia and China. In addition, John teaches Cinematography at Colorado Film School encouraging students to understand the power and beauty in this visual language.

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