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Judy Barlow of American Public Television has written

“WildSide with Nick Mollé employs a unique style proven to have extensive national appeal”

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Nationwide on PBS                                                                                                                         


All episodes of WildSide will be distributed to 355 non-commercial PBS stations serving all 50 states. 73 million people in almost 46 million households watch public television during an average week, while most American households (63%) and nearly 125 million people tune into public television each month.There are very few opportunities that can reach both a broad, national audience and a targeted affluent demographic like these ecological adventures. Associate your brand with an environmentally responsible message and a true sense of adventure. Viewers of public broadcasting are consistently loyal and willing to support companies that support their programming.

Carriage Summary


The Living Dream: 100 Years of Rocky Mountain National Park, A Walk in the Park With Nick Mollé: Nature of the Beasts, A Walk in the Park With Nick Mollé: Rivers of the Rockies, WildSide With Nick Molle: Costa Rica

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Distribution of Airings by Day and Daypart

Demographic Information of Potential Audience

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Distribution of Airings by Time Zone

Penetration by Market Rank


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All Station Coverage Map

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Rocky Mountain Channel – on Roku

Roku TV Streaming is now the largest OTT distribution service reaching over 30 million viewers worldwide.  The Rocky Mountain Channel on Roku is growing rapidly as a place to download documentaries and special features. With 40,000 subscribers and growing, the Rocky Mountain Channel is a dynamic outdoor oriented television offering to Roku users.

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