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Episode One: Australia's Northern Territory 

Thousands of square kilometers have already been destroyed by changing sea levels in these wildlife rich flood plains east of Darwin. Higher salinity levels reach further and further into the marshes and billabongs. This is home to hundreds of species of birds and numerous other animals including the notorious saltwater or estuarine crocodiles that also brandish another official name, “man-eating crocodiles”.

Nick connects with Kat, an incomparable guide who happens not to be Australian but Scottish. Together they explore and discuss the habitats of painfully cute wallabies, termites or as Kat says, “tairmites”, countless birds, the introduced brumbies and water buffalo as well as the ubiquitous crocodiles. Kat teaches Nick a few local traditions like munching on tasteless bush apples and licking the butts of aggressive biting ants – with actual medicinal value.

As we revel in this unique fascinating ecosystem, we listen to the scientists who remind us that as the climate changes so does the evolving coastal water encroachment. As salinity rapidly evolves some life will suffer and some like the man-eating crocs will thrive at least temporarily.

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